Study reveals new cause of depression

Understanding the interactions of a hormone receptor that regulates sleep and feeding may help to design innovative ways of treating depression.

Thu, 21 Jun 2018, 18:00

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How to treat and prevent ear barotrauma

Ear barotrauma is a condition that occurs due to a change in pressure around the ear. It often causes pain or discomfort in the ear, and can also affect hearing. Ear barotrauma usually resolves itself, but it can sometimes be chronic and require surgery. Learn about the causes, symptoms, and treatments here.

Thu, 21 Jun 2018, 19:00

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Parkinson's drugs may lead to compulsive behavior

A new study finds that, with time, half of those who take dopamine agonists develop compulsive shopping, eating, gambling, or sexual behaviors.

Thu, 21 Jun 2018, 10:00

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Birth Control for lowest price

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First of all, it is better to mention that birth control is a variant for females and males to prevent pregnancy. There exists a huge variety of methods, including the most popular which is hormonal contraception. Females take these hormonal pills by mouth to prevent undesirable pregnancy and if used when needed, this method is up to 99.9 percents functional. But when choosing this form of birth control medicines, you should remember that the pills don’t protect against sexually transmitted illnesses, for instance HIV. When speaking about the best protection from STD, it is latex condom for males. Other variants of combined progestin and estrogen hormonal contraception contain vaginal ring and patch.

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Alesse is hormonal variant for females’ birth control. So, it helps to prevent undesirable pregnancy. If you are planning to start the usage of hormonal contraceptive you may get Alesse in online pharmacy.
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Ortho TriCyclen relates to the group of birth control preparations. It functions by preventing ovulation and changing uttering lining. It is a hundred percents functional in the prevention of undesirable pregnancy.
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Yaz relates to hormonal contraceptives which can help not only with a birth control, but they also cure acne, premenstrual disorders, and some others conditions. You may order Yaz medicine right now and the next day you will get it.

Variants of birth control pills

There are lots of different types of combination medication that include progestin and estrogen which are called “triphasic”, “monophasic” or “biphasic”. Let’s discuss these variants:

  • Monophasic tablets deliver the same quantity of progestin and estrogen each day.
  • Biphasic pills deliver nearly the same number of estrogen every day during the period of the initial 21 days of the user’s cycle. When the initial half of the cycle starts, the estrogen/progestin level is lower to help the lining of endometrium which thickens as it usually does during the cycle. During the next half of the cycle the level of this hormone is higher and it allows the usual shedding of the uterus’ lining to happen.
  • Triphasic preparations have changing or constant estrogen level and changing progestin concentrations during the cycle. There is no prove that tri- or biphasic contraceptives are more effective or safer to monophasic preparations or in their superiority for the prevention of undesirable pregnancy.

About specific birth control pills that are applied for the prevention of pregnancy

When buying birth control tablets, you should have a prescription from your healthcare expert. Combination tablets are produced in 21-day packages, with 21 active pills, or you can also find 28-day packages with 7 inactive capsules. Also, there are such preparations that include 84 active pills and 7 inactive. These inactive elements are applied to help females remember when she must begin the next package of tablets. In case these inactive tablets are not used, there is no possibility that it would provoke a pregnancy. Nevertheless, it is recommended to begin the new package and active tablets on the needed day. The most frequently ordered birth control drugs are: Yaz, Ortho TriCyclen and Alesse. As about the periods, they still occur traditionally. Though women can choose continuous or extended dosages of pills, in which periods happen only four times a year or are eliminated. It is also probable to completely eliminate your periods by applying just active tablets and skipping the inactive capsules. To conclude, you should understand that ordering birth control medicine is very individual thing and you’d better consult with your health care adviser before its purchasing.

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