What do white spots on testicles mean?

White spots on the testicles are usually harmless, but they sometimes indicate a sexually transmitted infection or another health condition. They often require no treatment, but some people may wish to remove them. Here, we look at the possible causes, as well as prevention and treatment, and when to see a doctor.

Thu, 21 Jun 2018, 20:00

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How to prevent bloating after a meal

Bloating after eating is a feeling that most people experience occasionally. It can cause swelling and discomfort in the abdomen, as well as flatulence and burping. Bloating is usually nothing to worry about, and people can generally manage it at home. In this article, we look at 10 ways to avoid bloating after eating.

Thu, 21 Jun 2018, 14:00

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Can you treat baby ear infection without antibiotics?

Babies and young children are more prone to ear infections than adults. However, unless the infection is severe or present in a very young infant, antibiotics are often not necessary. Here, we look at what ear infections are and how to treat the symptoms at home while the baby’s natural defenses fight the infection.

Fri, 22 Jun 2018, 15:00

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Yaz for lowest price

Buy Yaz in online pharmacy

Yaz package includes 24 active pills each includes 0.02mg of ethinyl estradiol and 3mg of drospirenone and 4 inert tablets. The inactive elements in the active tablets are corn starch, lactose, talc, magnesium, titanium dioxide, hypromellose, ferric pigment. Inert pills include lactose, magnesium, cellulose, talc, hypromellose, and titanium dioxide.

Yaz dosage

  • Yaz 3mg/0.02mg

Yaz functionality

Yaz works by preventing ovulation and also its usage lead to some changes in the uterine lining which generally make it extremely hard for egg to stick to the uterus. Moreover, this medicament cures acne in those users who are minimum fourteen year and they use contraceptive for the prevention of pregnancy.

Yaz side effects

All medical agents provoke undesirable reactions, but not all patients experience these effects. Only some users may notice undesirable reactions during the drug’s usage. But still before buying Yaz, you should be aware of its side effects that are the following:

  • Stroke;
  • Liver tumors;
  • Hypertension;
  • Pulmonary embolism;
  • Change of the glucose level;
  • Inflammatory disease;
  • Breathing troubles, swelling, hives, or itching.

Remember, that these are not all unwanted reactions that day occur during the medication’s usage.

Sale of Yaz drugs

You may order this hormonal medicament in the Internet, just choose the drugstore and find the needed package. The next day your purchase will be delivered. So, as you see it is very comfortable and you shouldn’t even leave your flat Prescription is not obligatory for this sort of medical preparation.

Safety information about Yaz usage

Don’t purchase Yaz in online pharmacy in case you are pregnant. Also, it is not advisable to consume this remedy if you have: problems with circulation, blood pressure, diabetes, vaginal bleeding, serious headaches, heart attacks, or blood clot. Using this medical agent can higher the possibility of heart attacks, strokes, or clots, in case you suffer from some conditions, or in case you are overweight. Smokers are more inclined to experience heart attacks, especially those who are over thirty-five years old.

Yaz is applied for:

  • Birth control;
  • The treatment of acne;
  • Lessening of blood loss during menstruation.

Yaz shouldn’t be used if you have:

  • Heart illnesses;
  • Blood pressure;
  • Troubles with circulation;
  • Diabetes;
  • Breast cancer;
  • Serious headache.

Yaz dosage info

Yaz ordered drugs should be used every day and its dosage is 1 pill per day. A user should start applying either on the initial day of periods or on the 1st Sunday after the menstruation. Patients are advised to begin the following and all subsequent twenty-eight day regimens as needed. Try to follow the same schedule of consumption.

Where to buy Yaz

We can help you to answer the question where you can buy Yaz . We are not the manufacturer, we are a portal with the most attractive offers for clients to buy Yaz .

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